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We value your safety


Emergency locksmith service

We are honest with our costumers — our prices are reasonable and services are flawless

  • Our experience exceeds 25 years
  • Our team makes up only skilled specialists
  • We offer the greatest variety of services in our field
  • We guarantee you our services 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Equipment in our workshop consists only of tested and cutting-edge devices and tool-machines
  • We are long-time members of European, American and Lithuanian locksmith associations

This is not a list of our advantages, it is a list of things separating us from the others.

Services are available 24 hours a day:
+370 616 77 799

Locksmith service Vilnius

Arrival in 30 minutes

You won’t get tired of waiting! We will arrive in a short time to any location in Vilnius in 30 minutes!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are only of the highest quality, we provide pleasant service, fast response and smart solutions!

Professional working equipment

We use only professional equipment so to do the job quickly and keep your door and lock undamaged!

Key duplication


Do you require additional or spare keys? Maybe they got lost or broken? Many years of experience combined with high qualification of our specialists guarantees not only a wide range of services provided, but also their effective and flawless execution.


Have noticed that your lock began to jam or you cannot unlock it at all? Entrust the lock of your car, home, safe or garage door to us and our professional team will do all the lock change, repair, installation and coding works rapidly and finely no matter the type and the complexity of the lock.


We produce, repair, re-program even the most modern automotive keys with electronic code (immobilizer). The electronic encoding is done using specialized software on our computers. We offer quick and reasonably priced services of programming and production of the keys with immobilizer for almost all models of cars or motorcycles.


Forgot the code combination to your safe? Don’t worry, there isn’t a safe we couldn’t open.

Automobilių raktų gamyba

Our company stocks few thousands of different key blanks - it is the result of long and hard work

  • Keys for safes
  • Keys for house locks
  • Keys for apartments and offices
  • Keys for garage locks
  • Keys for antique locks
  • Keys for cars with immobilizers (chips, transponders) and distant control of any car model
  • Keys for electronic locks
  • Keys for garage doors
Safe lock

Briefly about the keys

Speaking in language of Wikipedia, a key is a device that is used to operate a lock (such as to lock or unlock it). The key serves as a security token for access to the locked area; only persons having the correct key can open the lock and gain access. Once you've come to any workshop take interest what kind of machine-tools will be used to make your key. Lock's time of operation depends on quality of the key with quality of the key blank playing a crucial role too.

In a workshop where locksmith values his professionalism, the key will be made in front of you, without any delays or intermediaries. Additionally, not everything what people who call themselves locksmiths is truth, for instance, some state that they are able to make keys of any kind. For example, preparing very complex keys with patented profiles which first of all requires a license of the factory which produces those locks and, secondly, it requires a contract with the distributor of those locks. Such key models as MOTTURA CHAMPION, EWA3KS, EWAEPS, DORMA, Mul-T-Lock 115+, SECUREMME, ASSA TWIN are made only if the security card is provided and for the safety of everyone, costumers who do not have the card will have to be refused in every case. If someone of manufacturers gives us permission to copy their keys we value it entirely and will never make keys out of unoriginal or poor quality key blanks. We value safety of our costumers.

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Services are available 24 hours a day:
+370 616 77 799

Workshop working hours l-V: 9-17pm VI: 10-14 pm VII: Day off

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Lock repair

Locks repair Vilnius

Our company performs the repair and maintenance of various types of locks

  • Safe locks
  • Apartment and office locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Antique locks
  • Vehicle door and ignition locks
Safe unlock

About locks

When selecting a lock, you should know if it fits the door, which can be plastic, wooden, metal or garage, you should also know which security level the lock can guarantee. Everyone is aware that there aren't any burglar-proof locks. However, depending on the type of the lock, a specialist will need a few seconds or a few hours.

Obviously the safest doors are the metal ones and their safety is adjusted considering the further factors: door construction, thickness of metal, presence of different electronic an mechanical keys, nonstandard installation of locking systems, drill-proof protection, quality of metal, composite materials, quality of lock. The choice of locks in market is vast and their price can be from a few to a few hundred euros.

Considering the fact that it can't be both good and cheap we can reach a conclusion: if you buy a low-cost lock or cylinder you have to know it is mechanically unreliable as is made out of cheep materials and has a poor construction, meaning the lock or cylinder is non-durable and will not guarantee a decent level of safety. There is a huge competition in market of locks that is why the price usually coincides with the real value.

Emergency car unlock service Vilnius

Recommendations of a specialist

You should have a complex view of your accommodations (apartment, workplace, office, garage, warehouse)

  • Doors should be of a good quality and with a strong construction
  • Locks ought to be mechanically secure, with a drill-proof plate. Such plates or armature on a cylinder might be there already or can be purchased separately
  • It's best to have locks with patented keys in order to make sure the keys will not be duplicated
  • Electronic security devices such as CCTVs or alarms also prove to be very helpful

Remember a few rules of security which if not followed may leave you unsafe

  • Do not leave keys within eyeshot of other people. An experienced burglar who made a photo of your keys will have a great opportunity to break into your accommodations and clean them out without leaving any evidences of his presence. Current technologies are making it possible. A key is a mechanic code and if a burglar knows the code together with the system of a lock and the key's dents' depth then the key from your accommodation can be copied and you won’t find out about it
  • Never give your keys to strangers you don't trust
  • If your keys disappeared for some time and then reappeared, it is a reason to change your locks as soon as possible since someone might have made a duplicate in that time
  • Don't leave your keys in your jacket or coat if it is out of your sight
Unlock service Vilnius

Are you being lied to?

Some providers of the service offer extremely low prices and immediate arrival, which of course is tempting but also very risky. In such instances you are mostly offered to buy services for one price but end up paying thrice as much because the unprofessional service provider created only more issues for you. Of course there are exceptional situations where additional services are required. In case of our company, upon our arrival we discuss all the possible options and the final price of the work.

Why us?

Different types of service: emergency opening, installation, repair and replacement of the locks - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Car unlock service, locksmith service

If you want to change your lock to another one of the same type then it is important for us to know it’s name

  • The name of the lock can be found on the front or the side part of the lock (only visible with the door opened); it can also be found on the key
  • If you cannot find the name of the lock, take a photo of the lock and send it to our e-mail (sos.atrakinimas@gmail.com) and we will try to answer you as soon as possible

"My house is my fortress", but this stronghold may have some weaknesses - the door and the lock. When you look for the best lock and the specialist to install it, pay attention to further factors:

  • Find out how many years of experience does the company which services you are planning to purchase have. Companies who care about their reputation will always do everything to keep you and your assets safe
  • The best advertisement for a company is a client who is satisfied with its work
  • A qualified locksmith can always point out the lock’s strong sides and suggest how the weak ones can be eliminated
  • For a self-respecting company absolutely any customer is crucial
We carry out our work honestly

We know how to make our customers happy

  • We always respond to phone calls and guarantee the quality of our work
  • Our team consists exceptionally of professionals
  • We carry out our work honestly and perform the services for customers like we would perform them for ourselves
  • Call us and be assured of what we say yourself

Our services

Different types of service: emergency opening, installation, repair and replacement of the locks - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

emergency opening, installation, repair and replacement of the locks

Our list of services:

  • Emergency opening of different locks, safes and vehicles
  • Repair of safes and locks
  • Lock encoding
  • Lock embedding
  • Computerized making of keys based on locks and codes
  • Production of keys with an immobilizer (chip, transponder)

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